About 98% of the water are used in brushing teeth, shower & bath, washing face, washing vegetables and rice etc., however, the cleanliness of the water has always been neglected. People wash the water tank once in half a year, but the water pipes are always left unwashed for years. Do you have any idea how dirty the water pipes are?

With the development of the economy, the advancement of the technology as well as the improvement of people’s standard of living, there is an increased requirement for high quality of drinking water, this urges the relevant industry to continuously develop and enhance the standard of drinking water quality. Despite of this, water coming out from the water plant which meets the standard drinking water quality will be again polluted after flowing through the water pipelines, causing many chronic diseases after being consumed by the users.

Q & A On Water Pipe Cleaning

I have not heard about water pipe cleaning technology, has it been used in other countries?

–Japan and some European & American countries have already started cleaning the water pipes as early as 20 years ago. In recent years, the Japanese water pipe cleaning technology was introduced into Malaysia. The technology was then upgraded and successfully promoted throughout Malaysia.

Is it necessary to clean the water pipes?

–Yes, definitely. As we all know that nowadays, the pollution is getting from bad to worse, this affects the pipe water quality too. If left unwashed for long time, the water pipes will become hot bed for breeding microcystins, virus and bacteria, Escherichiacoli & Enterovirus etc., furthermore, heavy metals e.g leads tend to accumulate in the water pipes, and these will not only harm your health but also clog the water pipes and reduce the water flow.

I have water filter at home, do I still need to clean the water pipes?

–The main function of the water filter is to filter out the particles in the water, but it can’t filter out and remove the toxic trace elements as well as the bacterial from in the pipe water. Using water filter alone will not cleanse the polluted water thoroughly. In order to have clean and healthy water, cleaning water pipes is the only way to treat the root cause of the pollution.

Will all the water pipes get dirty regardless of their materials?

–Dirt will accumulate in the water pipes regardless of their materials. The condition of the water pipes gets worse when it is left uncleaned for a long time. While cleaning the water pipes, waters flow out from the pipes are rust water, which appears to be dark brown like coffee, algae water, which appears to be light green and dirt water, which appears to be black like ink.

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